Shanzhong (Ren 17,Front-Mu Point of the pericardium, influential Point of Di)

Location: In the middle level with the nipples of the breasts, in the hollow of the 4th rib

Function: Broadening chest, regulating Qi circulation, descending reversed qi and dissolving phlegm.

Indications: Asthma, difficulty or inability to swallow, pain in the chest, insufficient lactation, hiccups

Points combination: Shanzhong (Ren 17)combined with Xin-shu(U.B.15),dueYinshu (U.B.14), Yinxi (H.6)and Neiguan (P.6): angina pectoris; with Tiantu (Ren 22), Feishu (U.B.13),Chize (Lu.5)and Lieque (Lu.7): cough and asthma; with Shaoze (S.l.1) and Yemen(S J 2): insufficient lactation; with Tiantu (Ren 22): mastitis; with Geshu (U.B.17)and Neiguan (P.6): fullness of chest and hypochondriac regions, hiccough

Method: Straight insertion,0.3-0.5 cun. Transverse insertion upward or downward,0.5-15 cun.