There are four diagnostic methods in TCM


Inspection: Inspection is one kind of examining method which is applied to knowing the condition of disease by means of doctor’s visual sense to look over the vitality, color, figure, posture of patient’s whole or partial body and the changes of the figuration, color, texture and quality of the patient’s discharges.


Auscultation-olfaction: Auscultation is to find the abnormal sound of speech, respiration and cough etc. by means of auditognosis (hearing). Olfaction is to know the smell of the patient’s body, the secretion and excreta by means of osphresis (smelling).


Interrogation: Interrogation is to know the onset, development, treatment, present symptoms and other information of disease by questioning patient or the accompanying people for diagnosis.


Palpation: Palpation includes pulse examination and body pressing-touching. They are diagnostic methods that doctor uses his tactile sensation of fingers and palm to touch patient’s body to get diagnostic data. Pulse examination is to feel the pulse while body pressing-touching is to touch and press the different parts of patient’s body such as skin, hands and feet, chest and abdomen and so on..