What is Gua Sha?

Scraping (Skin scraping), is one of the traditional natural therapy, which is based percutaneous Department of Chinese medicine theory, with apparatus (horns, jade, cupping), and other relevant parts of the skin scraping swab in order to achieve clear the meridians, the blood circulation of目的. Guo Zhi of the Ming Dynasty mysterious “fever Pier inflation”, a complete record of all types of fever more than 100 kinds of disease. Modern Chinese medicine practitioners outside Zhijia Oh Sang Scraping first fully confirmed, he said, “Yang abdominal pain, fever, the spoon ceramic to Miao Mo sesame oil dipped back scratch, to build five internal organs of the Department of salt is back, the scratch is down with the evil, since disease-song Solution. ”

     Scraping is a dip panels with Gua Sha Sha oil scraping repeatedly move somewhere in patients with skin friction to a method of treating diseases. Scraping is the use Scraping apparatus, the scratch test meridian acupuncture points and stimulate the adoption of healthy, give full play to the Guardian’s gas business, so that the Department of congestive heart meridian acupuncture points to improve the local micro-circulation, eliminate the evil play, clear the meridians, qi Shujin, drive the wind And cold-dispelling, desiccant heat, blood circulation, relieve pain, in order to enhance the body’s own ability and potential immunodeficiency disease, so as to achieve uphold, to prevent and cure diseases.

     Modern science has proved that the expansion of capillaries Scraping can increase the secretion of sweat, blood circulation, for high blood pressure, heat stroke, muscle pain, and other cold-induced arthralgia syndrome have an immediate effect. Regular Sha can be played by the gas adjustment, the lifting of fatigue, increase immune function..